Our Mission

Transforming lives through developing tomorrow's leaders.

Our Mission

Transforming lives through developing tomorrow's leaders.

The Global Leadership Institute is a one-academic-year, capacity-building program offering instruction in the best principles and practices of leadership. Our classes utilize a variety of lectures, discussions, activities, projects and multimedia, as well as opportunities for reflection and practical application, to train a new generation of leaders. An investment into an individual has the potential to create profound impact.


Global Leadership Institute

  • Personal development (habits) or aspects of self-leadership

  • Philosophical development (mind) or paradigmatic aspects of leadership

  • Relational development (heart) or relational aspects of leadership

  • Professional development (hands) or community and organizational aspects of leadership

Seminars for Medical Leaders

  • Incorporation of materials from the Global Leadership Institute

  • Orientation to the healthcare delivery model in the United States

  • Key public health insights from the context of seminar

  • Medical seminars from experts in a variety of disciplines (ex. family medicine, emergency medicine, cardiology, oncology, nursing)


A key showing that a purple dot means GLDev is working in the city and a gold dot means GLDev projects to work in that city.
An illustrated map of the middle east with purple dots showing where GLDev is currently working and yellow dots showing where it projects to work.



Naheed Ahmadi Farid, MP

Chairperson of the House Standing Committee for Human Rights, Civil Society and Women's Affairs

Through taking leadership classes I found my calling to be a public servant in Afghanistan. The staff’s example and the leadership materials led me to better understand my capacity to serve my generation. My instructors were always kind and open with their time and talents. After I graduated from college in Afghanistan, I was accepted at George Washington University. There I met my husband, and started my family; my dreams were coming true. Soon afterwards, I was elected as a Member of Parliament where I am currently serving my Afghan brothers and sisters. I look back on my life and see the role of leadership teaching as critical for my growth and development. My friends at Global Leadership Development and the Institute for Leadership Development have been and continue to be a blessing in my life. I describe my mission as not adding more followers but developing more leaders to follow good examples.

Aref Dostyar

Consul General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles

My name is Aref Dostyar and I am the Consul General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles. I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Jeff Woods for a decade now. I have learned important leadership principles from him which have guided me in the different leadership roles I have had. One of the key concepts I have learned from the programs Mr. Woods has organized is the importance of creating and nourishing a culture based on smart trust in an office or organization. I used to look for reason to trust my employees. Now, I trust people unless they give me a reason not to. This delicate difference is important because on the one hand it sets the pace and quality of the work you produce and defines the team dynamic on the other.


An illustration of a microphone to show the speaking services offered by GLDev.
An image of a podium with a small microphone showing the service of leading seminars that GLDev offers.
An illustration of a white board with a graph drawn on it to show the service of consulting that GLDev offers.